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Have you had your flu adjustment??

Written By Vitality Chiropractic of the Upstate on February 12, 2018

This question is on the chalkboard in my waiting room and it has been a great conversation starter.  Many people have asked if there is something special I can do to adjust to prevent the flu and my reply is always the same…..when subluxations (misalignments) in your spine are removed the best doctor of all takes over, the one that is already inside of you.

You see just one side effect of an optimally functioning nervous system is an improved immune system (this is only one of the side effects mind you, there are more!).  Don't believe me…well, let me tell you a story then.

100 years ago the flu pandemic of 1918 was labeled as one of the most devastating outbreaks in the history of the world; an estimated 20-40 million people world wide died due to the flu that year; 675,000 Americans lost their lives due to the virus.

In Davenport Iowa, the birthplace of chiropractic, it was reported that 50 medical doctors cared for 4,953 cases with 274 deaths.  At the same time, in the same city 150 chiropractors cared for 1,635 people with only 1 reported death.

In the entire state of Iowa medical doctors reported treating 93,590 patients with 6,116 deaths; this comes out to a loss of one patient out of every 15.  Meanwhile chiropractors cared for 4,735 people with a loss of only 6; that works out to be one loss for every 789.

Nationally chiropractors cared for a total of 46,394 people and only lost 54 souls, or 1 out of every 859.  One of the greatest statistics came out of Oklahoma where there were 233 cases of the flu that were deemed to be “lost” or “without hope” by the medical community.  All 233 people recieved chiropractic care and only 25 were lost to the flu.

These numbers aren't meant to be a show that chiropractic is better than medicine.  The truth is they are really two sides of the same coin; there is a proper time and place for both approaches.  All I am trying to illustrate is that your body is better when it is functioning at its fullest potential.  You were designed to be healthy and that is best achieved with a nervous system that is working without interference.

So, if you are so unfortunate to come down with the flu in the remaining weeks of “flu season” be sure to cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze, wash your hands often, drink lots of fluids, rest and by all means get adjusted because after all true health comes from within!

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