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First blog post

Written By Vitality Chiropractic of the Upstate on April 11, 2016

If you are like me you have become frustrated with the current healthcare situation.  It is expensive to be insured and even with insurance medical care can still be costly.  What makes it sting even more is the fact that this expensive healthcare doesn't seem to fix anything, you just take more medication to treat the effects of other medications.

It was this vicious cycle that lead me to a career in chiropractic.  To be honest right out of nursing school I knew that I wanted to be able to help people holistically however being young and scared to go too far from home kept me from pursuing such a calling.

I was happy working as a nurse, I absolutely loved (and still do) helping people.  After 14 years working on many different units in a variety of hospitals I decided to revisit my wish to provide care more naturally, as luck would have it Sherman College was in my own backyard which was amazing as leaving home was even harder now with a family of my own!

I had been under chiropractic care on and off all through my life so I knew it was great for helping with aches and pains.  It wasn't until I got into the program that I realized chiropractic was so much more.

I always knew from basic anatomy that the brain was the master control system of the body, but it wasn't until I started chiropractic school that it clicked, you need to keep communication between the brain and the body functioning correctly for the entire body to function properly! 

Since starting my practice in 2015 I have been beyond blessed to be able to help so many people achieve better health and I look forward to helping so many more!








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